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Patterns have been used for centuries to bring character and sophistication into living spaces. It’s regular and repeated way enhances the beauty of the material.

Patterns can be done interior or exterior to create a unique design. You can select from a great variety of options. Most common ones subway, diagonal o staggered, to herringbone, basket weave or brick bond to pursuit that perfect atmosphere. Experts can guide you to select the one that suits your personality and life style.



Prior to 1900’s marble tiles were only produced to adorn the homes of royalty and the wealthy. Today they can be affordable and luxurious and the design possibilities are endless. Marble is a manufactured piece of hard wearing stone material and can range from square tiles to mosaics. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystalized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Normally is used for sculpture and building material.

Marble comes from the Greek word Mármaron which means crystalline rock or shinning stone. Due to the variation in color and pattern it has a unique beauty. Today with the new trends and changes interior designers encourages you more than ever before this material, because with marble you can never go wrong.



A paving stone made out of travertine, limestone or marble most commonly used as exterior flooring and landscaping. They have been used for thousands years since the Romans started building their roads. They come in a variety of color, sizes and textures and the designs possibilities are endless.

Pavers are the most attractive outdoor material because of its sheer beauty and decorative character. They are right choice for that particular project with a great deal of personalization.



Is one of the most frequently used stone in our history.   From buildings, temples, monuments, bathrooms, flooring and outdoors.  The biggest example is the Colosseum in Rome which is the largest building in the world constructed mostly by it.

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, therefore it belongs to the limestone family.  It is formed by a process of rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate and is also known as the Onyx Marble. Originally the most important quarries where found in Italy until 1980’s, now significant suppliers are quarried mainly in Turkey.

This stone comes in a variety of finishes and sizes. Tumble, honed and filled, brushed and unfilled and polished. It can be used in many applications and patterns,  and it can be used indoors or outdoors…with travertine the possibilities are endless to bring elegance and beauty to your home.



Limestone has a classic look and a unique decorative statement. It is a sedimentary rock consisting of more than 50% calcium carbonate and it goes thru a variety of processes from water, to marine life to the cementation of sand or mud by calcite. Being calcite the principal mineral component of Limestone.

Many experts find limestone a very sophisticated material because all of its natural characteristics, warm color and soft to the touch. Can be used in kitchen  counter tops, flooring, bathrooms, indoors/outdoors.  It is a more porous stone than others, but a very durable stone.

The fact is that Limestone has a unique story due to its origins, many customers embrace that mother’s nature gift.


Pool Coping

The coping is the trimming around the edges of the pool. It is the most essential part of the pool because it protects when entering and exiting the pool and at the same time enhances its beauty.

Natural stone coping offers warm and texture, they are the most durable, flexible and everlasting material. Design possibilities are endless with the variety of colors and textures, and they match perfectly with pavers. They come in a great selection of designs, but the most common one is the full bull nose.

Select this accessory for your pool because it only will offer you beautiful and long lasting enjoyment.


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is crafted from a mix of fine clay and minerals fired at extremely high temperatures. It not only a hard and dense material, but it’s easy to clean, resists bacteria and odors.  With only less than 0.5% of absorting is not only water resistant, but is harder that ordinary ceramic.

Great choice for heavy traffic and outdoors applications. They come in a greatest variety of sizes and colors. From basic whites, to textures, natural stones, leathers and wood planks.  Porcelain has more advantages, it can be used residential or commercial, is affordable and it gives a great visual effect.



Natural stone slabs has become the most popular and demanding material in the last decade. Today you will find plenty of options full of color and texture to choose from. The prices are so reasonable that you can consider it for your residential or commercial need.

Slab can be used for many purposes, including counter tops, bars, showers, etc…The real beauty in a natural stone can only be appreciate in a slab. There you can see it’s movement and colors, like a piece of art. Choose the one that suits your style and home.



Since antiquity quartz have been the most common used mineral, not only because is the second most abundant in the word, but because its particular beauty.  Jewerly and hardstone carving have been done for centuries and they are semi precious stones as well.

They are masterpieces of stones, its unique appearance and texture adds visual interest to any room.  You can use it in diverse ways from countertops to bathroom walls or shower, outdoors, entertainment areas, etc…